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  • funtuxtic
    funtuxtic Posts: 1

    Hi Y'all. My name is Jimmy from Chicago. I'm excited to become a certified penguin 🐧
    Besides English I also speak Spanish like some folks in here :smile:

  • luisviveropena
    luisviveropena Posts: 938
    edited June 2020

    Welcome @Almusowi! Hola @funtuxtic , bienvenido :)


  • tncsv
    tncsv Posts: 2

    Hi All. My name is Mert and I'm working as a systems and network engineer. I really excited about bootcamp. My goal is to improve my skills on linux and kubernetes, because I'm interested in sre and devops topics recently. Best regards

  • @tncsv , welcome to the bootcamp!

    Many regards,

  • Hi all ,
    My name is khelaf, i live in algeria, and i am an information system security consultant.
    I just joined the BootCamp and I'm glad to be with all of you. it's been first classroom for a long time.
    Given the growing importance of the cloud every day in our lives, it is important to understand how it works. And I think this Bootcamp from the Linux Foundation is an excellent introduction.
    Success for all.

  • Hi @[email protected] , welcome to the bootcamp! I hope you enjoy it :)


  • JKasimba
    JKasimba Posts: 5

    Hi Everyone :)
    Greetings from Vilnius!
    Just started the journey today.
    My name is Kasimba and I am happy to be a part of this wonderful experience.
    Happy bootcamping! !

  • Hi @JKasimba , welcome to the bootcamp!


  • JKasimba
    JKasimba Posts: 5
  • Izioie
    Izioie Posts: 1
    edited June 2020

    Hello everyone, starting the bootcamp today. I'm still fairly new to Linux. Took the edX Introduction to Linux through my college last semester. Looking forward to sinking my teeth in and really learning Linux.

  • Welcome, @Izioie ! I hope you enjoy your stay here :)

    Many regards,

  • masax
    masax Posts: 1

    hello everyone,
    I have signed up for the course. look forward to your support and cooperation

  • yuryzam
    yuryzam Posts: 1

    Hi everyone, my name is Yury. I enrolled today for the Bootcamp, and I looked forward to learning with you all. Thanks.

  • GRO 108
    GRO 108 Posts: 46

    Hi all,

    I've been working through the chapters of LFS201 and suddenly realised that if I'm not participating in the forums I'm missing out on one of the most important features of the course :smile:

    @luisviveropena Are the office hours recorded? The timing isn't conducive to good sleep patterns for me :smiley: but I am interested in following along.

  • Hi @GRO 108 , the sessions are being recorded and stored for 24 hours only (for the moment). After the sessions I'm sharing the URL by this same forum.

    Many regards,

  • gregoryno
    gregoryno Posts: 1

    Hi there!

    Enrolled today and happy to start this bootcamp!
    Thanks Luis for all information you provide to me before :)


  • ffuentes
    ffuentes Posts: 2

    Hello everyone,
    this is my first certification course on linux and I'm very excited. Working with it for years but only in self-learning mode without any degree.

    @luisviveropena as you said in today's meetings, can be possible to store the recorded for more days?

    And I did not find the recorded session from friday's kubernetes.

    best regards from Chile.

  • Hi @gregoryno , it was a pleasure!

    Many regards,

  • Hi @ffuentes , let's see if more people asks for it.

    For Kubernetes sessions, @serewicz is in charge.

    Abrazote from lima, Peru! I live here, but I'm chilean ;)

    Many regards,

  • saintex
    saintex Posts: 13

    Hello all,
    It's a pleasure to be here.
    I'm Wolfgang from Italy.
    I subscribed the bootcamp few days ago and I intend to start tomorrow.
    I will have an issue with the workload, because frankly speaking hardly I have 15-20 hours a week.
    But I would like to give a try.

    @luisviveropena thank you in advance for the support.


  • Hi @saintex , welcome to the bootcamp!

    Many regards,

  • linuxskiba
    linuxskiba Posts: 22

    It feels so good to be on this journey with so many people of different experience levels but also so many people starting their linux journey (like me)

  • Hi Everyone and Luis Vivero,

    I'm from Peru and I am ready and enthusiastic to learn.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Hi @MarcoAntonio , it's a pleasure! And welcome :)

    Many regards,

  • cloudpunk
    cloudpunk Posts: 1

    Hello guys, hello Luis!
    I'm a little late but finally I'm in.

    Giorgio from Italy

  • Hi @cloudpunk , it's never too late! :)

    Good nickname ;)


  • heiko_s
    heiko_s Posts: 99


    About time to introduce myself. I'm Heiko and I'm living in Jerusalem (but moving to Tel Aviv). Originally from Germany (no Spanish, sorry), I've done a few things in my life. The closest professional encounter to Linux sysadmin and cloud engineering was working as a translator for a US computer company back in the 80s. It was Unix back then - Linux wasn't born yet. (I got that job typing the sample translation on my own editing program I had written.)
    Subsequently I've been in advertising and I've held some sales and marketing positions in the telecom manufacturing industry until I became fed up of the frequent traveling abroad and being an "office hero".
    Now I'm a certified tour guide and out of a job since the start of CoVID. (Not sure history & archeology etc. helps for this course.)

    I've always had an interest in computing / Linux, and specifically virtualization. Actually wrote some VGA passthrough tutorials sharing my experience with Xen and kvm. I've got a mind for technical stuff and processes and hope to be able to tackle the challenges of these courses. So far it's been good, but sometimes I feel I forget faster than I learn.

    Good luck to all!


  • Hi all. I'm curious how one is able to go through LFS201 in a month. How many chapters per day? I'm 20% done and I spend roughly an hour a day

  • Hi All, my name is Ayan and I look forward to learning and completing this bootcamp.
    Many thanks.

  • Hi @Arka2075 , welcome! Whenever you want, you can join the Office Hours :)



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