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  • Nordal

    Hi Serewicz. I am hoping that you are able to help, with this rather fundamental question.
    I am writing you, because you are the one (at least i think so) presenting on the video in the first chapter of LFS258
    When i bought the LFS258 course it is stating that the course material is 35 hours, and I thought that I might be able to be ready for exam in 1-2 weeks of studying. But while studying and watching a kodekloud video, the instructor estimates to use at least 2 months of preparation before taking the exam.
    What is your opinion on that?
    Do you have any instructor led classes in Northern Europe to get this exam?

    Regards, Kasper

    February 5
    • serewicz

      The two months is what a typical student would need. Or maybe I'm slower than the typical student. The exam time goes quickly and there are a lot of details to know. Pretty much once you have to stop and look something up, you'll run out of time. I just want to help people pass, not be surprised at how much they need to know and perform in such a short period of time.

      The point being that hearing something once, or doing it once, may not be enough. The exam requires you to know things and do things very quickly. without making mistakes. A casual read of the material and once through the labs will probably not be enough. For me the first time is to learn the basics. Second and third time to become fluent and able to complete the labs. Fourth+ time for me to know it at speed. As the saying goes: Keep at it until you get it right. Then keep at it until you can't get it wrong.

      Perhaps you are much smarter than myself, but that is what I think folks should plan for to be properly prepared. I've given this warning and more severe to hundreds of people. So far only two people have every told me I undersold how hard the exam really was. And those two were very, very quick people who had lots of experience.

      There are classes in Europe on a regular basis, usually via training partners. More can be found here: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/training/regional-training/classes/?_sft_region=europe&_sft_product_id=lfs458

      Good luck on the exam!
    • Nordal
      Thanks for replying fast, and giving a proper answer to my questions.
      Hopefully I will find the time to complete the course and do the exam.

      Have a nice day, Kasper