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Welcome to the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp!

Hi all,

Welcome to the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp! I'm Luis and I'll be helping with some of the courses.

I hope you all enjoy this new adventure, based on all the experience the Linux Foundation has accumulated.

Many regards,



  • free413x
    free413x Posts: 1
    edited June 2020

    Hello Luis,
    thanks a lot for the welcome !
    I just signed up for the bootcamp and I'm really excited about it!

  • Hi @free413x , it's a pleasure! I hope you enjoy the process :)

    Many regards,

  • JosePla
    JosePla Posts: 1
    edited June 2020

    Hello Luis,

    I have the VM ready and also have WSL.

    Is this a self taken training or instructor led by you and Tim?

    Just asking to save the time in my calendar.


  • Hi @JosePla ,

    It's a self-paced course. Also there is one hour (Zoom web conference) per specific course, as follows:

    Course Instructor Schedule
    Linux Basics (LFS201) Luis Vivero Monday 10 AM-11 AM Central
    Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211) Luis Vivero Tuesday 10 AM-11 AM Central
    DevOps Fundamentals (LFS261) Luis Vivero Wednesday 10 AM-11 AM Central
    Container Fundamentals (LFS253) Luis Vivero Thursday 10 AM-11 AM Central
    K8s Fundamentals (LFS258) Tim Serewicz Friday 10 AM-11 AM Central

    In the web conferences Tim and I will be answering basic questions about the courses, the material and labs (the exercises are pretty important to do!). I think we can schedule some specific stuff to review, with some anticipation (as many of the labs may require a specific environment or configurations).

    I'm open to suggestions and I'll do my best.


  • tedro
    tedro Posts: 1

    Hi everyone. I signed up today.

  • Welcome, Ted!


  • gidad
    gidad Posts: 2

    Hi everyone, I am Giuliano, I am Italian and I work as a cloud engineer in Austria (and I speak Spanish, too). I am excited to be part of this bootcamp and I hope to have fun learning new things together. Thanks Luis for your helpful answers and for your availabilty.


  • Hi Giuliano, welcome!

    Oh, it's pretty interesting that a relevant part of the members speaks spanish! I was contacted by a participant of the bootcamp on Linkedin, and he speaks spanish as well.


  • Hi everyone, joined the bootcamp although I will just be able to start it in July!

  • Hi Henrique, until July then!


  • Hello everyone! I am excited to get started in this bootcamp.

  • grial1
    grial1 Posts: 1

    Hello! I have just enrolled in the boot camp and look forward to starting it ASAP!

  • Hi @bmorezcmunee and @grial1 , welcome to the bootcamp! Enjoy it :)


  • Hi There! happy to see u guys here and my self also :)! Wanted to ask about the time zone? which central is used here? I am in Germany... Have I use Europe central? Finally at which time of Germany I have to be present? thanks in advance!

  • Welcome @hajp2020777 !

    Welcome @homosapiens ! It's CST, Central Standard Time. You can see it here: https://time.is/es/CT

    Many regards,

  • thanks a lot!

    MIGORMAN Posts: 1
    edited June 2020

    Hi Everybody, I have just joined the bootcamp and I'm so excited to take courses. For the zoom meetings are they mandatory ? What if we miss a meeting ?

  • Hi @MIGORMAN ,

    The idea of having zoom meetings is to help the students to solve questions, issues with the labs and stuff like that. So if you can't join for any reason, I don't think you are gonna be into trouble.


  • DRpandaMD
    DRpandaMD Posts: 17

    Hi there, new to this Linux Foundation Space. I already learned a bunch as I am going through just the file structure basics. I am hoping I can cement in these certs. And bring some additional knowledge to my job as we undergo this Cloud Transformation.

  • Hi @DRpandaMD , that sounds pretty good! Enjoy the boocamp :)

    Many regards and welcome.


  • Stngreen
    Stngreen Posts: 2

    Hi All,

    I just signed up too and looking forward to fulfilling learning experience.

    Warm regards

  • Hello everyone! I am very excited to start this bootcamp! Looking forward to the content and learning as much as possible.

  • aruex
    aruex Posts: 1

    Hi All!

    Excited to start the bootcamp! Looking forward to learning with all of you :)

  • Aygun20
    Aygun20 Posts: 5
    edited June 2020

    Hello from Silicon Valley! Excited to be part of this bootcamp! I am beginner, so will start from LFS101. Looking forward to learn as much as I can with full time job and as full time mom:) Wish everyone good luck!

  • Hey everyone!
    Greetings from Australia really excited to be a part of this boot camp. Good luck to everyone!
    See you around the discussion forums we will finish this together.

  • hello i am trying to login into the zoom seesion today but states its at 10am central. I am from the uk, so I am not sure if i am late?

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,436

    It is 10am US CST. You are early.

  • Hi all, welcome to the bootcamp! Enjoy your stay here :D

    Many regards,

  • Hi @bulentozlem ,

    I remember I provided you a URL to see the time. It's here: https://time.is/CT

    Many regards,

  • fxgallo
    fxgallo Posts: 8

    Hello Everyone,
    Happy to join, with all of you, in this inaugural boot camp cohort. Looking forward to learning foundational Linux and then advancing to DevOps, containers, and orchestration topics following that. Thanks once again to @luisviveropena Luis and all of you for a very important and purposeful discussion during this morning's first Zoom meeting.


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