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Introducing myself - Dev KCNA Learner


Hi All
This is Dev, a Digital PgM - keen to learn get KCNA


  • tonyldo

    hi every one, i m backend dev at Brazil. And i m happy to learn more about Kubernets and Cloud Native softwares.

  • theinrichs

    Welcome to the forum! Have fun with the course. :smile:

  • mocasti

    Hi Everyone, My name is Olivia, I'm Sr Software Engineer in Mexico, I'm very excited to start the course.

  • czekish

    Hi there! I'm Daniel, a software engineering student from the Czech Republic. Can't wait to start my Kubernetes and Cloud Native journey! :)

  • shanbatla

    Hello, everyone,. I am a full stack developer from the US. Wish everyone the best in their cloud learning journey.

  • souda69

    Hi Everyone! I am Souda, A DevOps Engineer from India. I am very excited and enthusiastic about this course I look forward to growing my Kubernetes knowledge through it :smile:

  • LeiderRM

    Hello Everyone!! My name is Leider and i'm a Infrastructure technnician, i'd like to improve about cloud computing skills.

  • jimlai

    Hi Everyone, I am Jim, a System Administrator from Singapore, can't wait to learning Kubernetes course.

  • imakshay101

    hi every one, i m dev manager at Tokyo. And i m happy to learn more about Kubernets and Cloud Native softwares.

  • sevilroach

    Hi everyone,

    I am an engineer who stepped into the DevOps world recently and whose mind is blown every time I learn something about Kubernetes.

    I can't wait for all that I will have learnt by the end of this course!

  • kunalsagar

    Namaste Everyone!
    I am Kunal Sagar, Engineer from India. Started diving more deep in k8s and cloud native

  • parg0
    parg0 Posts: 1

    Hi everyone!
    I'm Gjoko Pargo, I'm a former full-stack developer, working as a DevOps & SRE in the last 4-5 years. I am from Macedonia. Here to upgrade my skillset on kubernetes and hopefully get certified.

  • onkar77

    Hi Everyone,
    I joined today for this course. Any idea if any video course available ? Ideally, how much time it take to prepare for this course?

  • victorleungtw

    Hello everyone, this is Victor Leung from Hong Kong, living in Singapore and working for London office. Using Kuberntes for work at cloud native core banking. Happy to connect: https://linkedin.com/in/victorleungtw

  • alexdhanasekar

    Hello Folks!! This is Alex from Chennai, India! Happy and proud to be a part of this course!

  • saimajavaid

    Hi, Saima from Pakistan. I have purchased this course and exam. Hope to get certificate soon. Happy learning.

  • sundararaju

    Hey Fellow learners, I am Sundar - DevOps Engineer based in England. Happy Learning !

  • rickyruan

    Hi everyone, I'm ricky from Wuhan, China. Happy and Enjoy Learning!


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