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Training and Certification Support - No response for JIRA

I opened 2 JIRA's with Training and certification support on 8/26 and No one even acknowledged the tickets and all it shows is waiting for support. Can someone please on how to reach support to get my exam registration issue resolved.


  • Same here. Opened a ticket on 27th and no response.
    I couldn't take the exam because of technical issues on the server side. The status still shows "Grading in progress" (3 days later) and I can't retake or reschedule.

  • It has been more than 5 days and no one even acknowledged the tickets.
    Sad to see this kind of support from Linux Foundation. I wanted to take the exam before Sep 28th and I am stuck.

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,195

    Hi @cskalyan and @vladislaff ,

    As a result of the recent outage on the training portal, the Customer Support Team is currently addressing a large volume of inquiries and responding to each inquiry one at a time. Unfortunately, this is causing some delay in their response - we apologize for that and thank you for your patience while they are working on the tickets.

    We would also like to advise that the Customer Support Team responds to tickets Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM US CT (as mentioned in the automatic reply you received when you opened the ticket).

    Please be assured that every ticket will be addressed and every issue resolved.

    Thank you for your patience,
    The Linux Foundation Training Team


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