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  • monalisha.ojha

    Hello everyone,

    I am Monalisha Ojha. Currently an Integrated MSc student at BIT Mesra, India. Looking forward to contributing to the kernel.

    IRC nick - monalisha

  • rudrakshkarpe
    rudrakshkarpe Posts: 5
    edited May 2022

    I am Rudraksh Karpe, a passionate programmer, looking forward start my journey in open source.
    I am curious to know about the Linux kernel mentorship program, please help me know more about it. What are the technical skills pre-requisites for the getting started with this program

  • shale
    shale Posts: 1
    edited May 2022

    I am Soumik Dutta. I first encountered Linux in 9th grade, and I was amazed to find out that it is possible to change the OS by writing code. I found out about the Free Software Movement and the excellent Community working tirelessly to provide open tools to work with. The forums were friendly and warmly provided solutions whenever I broke my Linux install.

    Since then, I have decided to pursue CS and give back to this awesome community :smiley: . Currently, I am enrolled in Computer Science and Engineering course at IIT BHU. I am an open-source fan, and I am looking forward to becoming a kernel developer.

    IRC Nick : @soumikdutta:matrix.org

  • BruteWig
    BruteWig Posts: 3

    Hello everyone,
    I am Sebin Sebastian. I mainly do embedded development and currently getting started in driver development for embedded linux platforms. I am very much excited to work with the linux kernel and looking forward to contribute.
    IRC Nick : @sebin

  • jiaweihawk
    jiaweihawk Posts: 1

    Hello everyone!
    I am Jiawei Hawk from China. I am learning linux kernel right now, and want to increase the understanding of Linux kernel from the project.
    I am also looking forward to contibuting to the community.

    Email: yin31149@gmail.com

  • labnan
    labnan Posts: 2
    edited May 2022

    I am Khalid Masum Labnan. I am new at kernel development, but I always admired this piece of engineering. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to a wonderful experience.

    IRC Nick: @Labnan

  • hmx098
    hmx098 Posts: 2
    edited February 2023

    Greetings All,
    I am Harsh Mishra, currently a sophomore pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from India, I am interested in learning more about Kernel Development and Systems Programming in general.

    I have successfully completed all tasks for the Linux Kernel Bug Fixing Spring 2023 Application. I am interested in deep diving into the Linux Kernel since going through application process has aroused a lot of interest in Operating Systems in general. Currently I am going through "**Linux Device Drivers 3rd Ed **". I need your help finding some more up to date material alongside it to continue my journey and decide what part of kernel I'd be most interested in.
    Harsh Mishra
    IRC: harsh098
    email: hmisraji07@gmail.com
    github: github.com/harsh098


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