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ShuahKhanLFShuahKhanLF Posts: 11

This collaboration forum is for mentees and mentors to connect and interact with others participating in the Linux Kernel Mentorship program. Please introduce yourself and connect. Feel free to ask questions and post answers to questions from others. Graduated mentees! Please help mentor new mentees!

Please checkout Linux Kernel Mentorship Program for program details.


  • dwlsalmeidadwlsalmeida Posts: 1
    edited January 13

    Hi, I will briefly introduce myself!

    I'm Daniel, I'm from Brazil and I was a mentee during the spring of 2020. During this period I worked on driver development for the media subsystem under the guidance of Mauro Carvalho Chehab. Currently slated to work on gstreamer as of next week.

    I still have a lot to learn but I hope to be of help to the people around here, I can also be reached on freenode as "dwlsalmeida"

    Best regards!

  • selvak97selvak97 Posts: 2

    Hi, myself selvakumar

    Im from India. Im a student doing my UG program in Electronics Engineering. I like to code microcontrollers developing drivers and application programs using C language by going through the technical datasheets. Looking forward to get participated in the LKMP. Want to explore the linux kernel and make contribution for it. And I would to thank daniel for sharing his experience and giving some guidance. It was really helpful

  • Hi,

    I am Izabela. I am from Albania ánd was a mentee last year in the mentorship program. During this period I have worked in the networking subsystem on the dropwatch utility.

    I am happy to help here as well on IRC. I am on Freenode as "izabela".

    Looking forward to connecting with you!


  • CongCong Posts: 1

    Hi all,
    I'm Cong. I'm a senior undergraduate in China, majoring in computer science. I'm an applicant for this year's lkmp program. Looking forward to contributing to the Linux community!


  • zhuo1angzhuo1ang Posts: 1

    Hi, I'm Zhuoran! I'm a student from China majoring in Automation, an applicant for the XDP project this spring.
    Hoping to make my contributions!

    You can find me on the IRC, my nickname is : zhuo1ang

  • Hi, I'm Shubham, It is my dream to contribute to the Linux kernel. I really enjoy working with C and Linux systems. This program looks great initiative for me to make contributions!.

    You can find me on the IRC, my nickname is : shubham828

  • RenjieRenjie Posts: 1
    edited January 17

    Hi, this is Renjie (also the nickname on IRC).
    24 years old, student.
    Hope to enjoy the open source development in Linux kernel!

  • ameyyyameyyy Posts: 1


    I'm Amey. I'm a recent college graduate from India who is interested in storage and virtualization. I've been involved with open source communities like kvm, qemu, rust-vmm, cloud hypervisor for a year now. I'm looking forward to further contribute to the open source especially linux community!

    You can find me on the IRC, my nickname is : amey_an

  • Hello everyone,
    I am Ayush. A recent engineering graduate from India. I’m an applicant for this year’s mentorship. Looking forward to contributing to the kernel.

    You can find me on the IRC, my nickname is ayushsriv

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