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Screen got frozen just before start of exam CKA

Hi There,
On 14th Feb my CERTIFIED KUBERNETES ADMINISTRATOR (CKA) exam was scheduled at 1PM GMT.
I started that exam as scheduled, however I faced while shared my screen. So as agreed with Instructor I tried with my other laptop and somehow able to share screen. Again, unfortunately just before start of the exam again screen got frozen and even though "Reset xam console" didn't worked. So, instructor asked me to try with other "Vivaldi" browser and re-login again. But when I tried, to login I'm not able see a take a exam option on myportal (https://trainingportal.linuxfoundation.org/learn/course/certified-kubernetes-administrator-cka/exam/exam)
Looks like “Innovative Exams Screensharing” Chrome extension didnt worked on my Mac book. MAC OS: Big Sur

In sort I didn attened the exam and as it didnt started propely. So Can anyone help me to get reclaim the exam chance?.

Also I'm getting any clue to whom I should contact for the issue. Looks like very poor support.

My details are given below:
Candidate Name: Mahesh Fulsamandar
Exam Sponsor: Linux Foundation
Exam: Certified Kubernetes Administrator
Exam Code: CKA
Scheduled Date: February 14, 2021
Scheduled Time: 1:00 PM GMT Standard Time
Confirmation Code: (SCRUB)(If needed I can provided it)
Candidate Id: (SCRUB)


  • tarofish
    tarofish Posts: 1


    I have also encountered the same issue as yours today. Frankly I must say this is frustrating... My laptop passes all the compatibility items test and when it is exam time, the screen sharing did not work for some strange reason. Seems like their extension has some issue because when I used zoom or Teams previously it worked just fine. There was only 15mins to fix the screen sharing and I could not check in advance. Because the exam portal was not open. Then 14mins the support asked me to restart my laptop and after I restarted the exam access link disappeared. No customer support can be contacted at the time....
    Ughh I wish this could be done in exam centers instead. Would be really upset if they count me as no-show.

  • power
    power Posts: 1

    I took the CKA EXAM, before the exam I had already checked my system requirement with the status

    Status: System Requirements Checked

    however when I launch the exam, I can share microphone and camera, but can not share the desktop, I followed the instruction of examination invigilator, and redo all setting again, still can not click the Share of desktop (the button is gray)

    Then the examination invigilator suggested me to download Vivaldi brower and launch exam again
    the situation was the same

    when I restart the laptop, the Time was gone, and can not get into the exam


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