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After 30 minutes, CKA exam schedule button is still greyed out

After waiting 30 minutes, the exam schedule button is still not Active (greyed out; unclickable). I have tried on 2 different laptops, and refreshed the screen multiple times. However, the issue persists. See the attached screenshot below.

If some other action is required by to me to make the schedule button active or another way to schedule the CKA exam, can someone please advise?

A case with the support team has been created, but I read that it can take a couple days for a response.


  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 870

    @jeffreykb Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with any exam-related issues in the forum. As you already opened a ticket with the Customer Support Team, they will reach out and help you with this issue. Thank you!

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