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Hello all,
It's my pleasure to be on this course with you all, I am very delighted to be part of the course, I am Shabazz and I work as a Cloud Engineer with a Tech Startup and I have been involved with provisioning cloud infrastructure on AWS and GCP using some of the open source IaC tools like Terraform, Ansible and Packer. In fact I have a copy of Gourav Shah's "Ansible Playbook Essentials " (purchased in 2016 /2017 when I started learning Ansible on my path to securing a DevOps career so I was truly delighted to find out that he is taking this course on the Linux Foundation. Looking forward to a fruitful and enjoyable learning journey with you all :-)


  • Hi @shabazz , welcome to the forum! I hope you find this course useful :)
    If you have any question or issue with the labs, feel free to ask and/or report it.

    Many regards,

  • Shabazz,

    Its amazing to see you here. And I am really glad to know you have a copy of my Ansible book as well. I hope you find this course useful in your career. All the best, and feel free to reach out to the awesome LF team here !

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