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Lab 16.2 > kubectl on master node not working properly after setting k8smaster to haproxy IP

jlagerpuschjlagerpusch Posts: 2
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In Lab 16.2 after step 4 (editing the hosts file on master to change the alias for k8smaster to point to the haproxy IP instead of the internal master IP), the command in step 6 kubectl get nodes does only respond or after a timeout.

kubectl cluster-info gives me this:

[email protected]:~$ kubectl cluster-info 

To further debug and diagnose cluster problems, use 'kubectl cluster-info dump'.
Error from server (InternalError): an error on the server ("") has prevented the request from succeeding 

However, kubectl cluster-info dumpcomes back with the same error...

When I change the entry in the hosts file back to the masters' internal IP, it's working again.

HAproxy seems to be properly set up, as I can see the entries shown in the screenshot of step 5 - however, the first entry under "k8sServers" showing the master node is marked as DOWN... (LastChk says "Layer 4 Timeout in 2002ms")

Any idea where to look for solving this?

Thanks in advance,


  • jlagerpuschjlagerpusch Posts: 2
    edited July 24

    I found the problem... haproxy.cfg was missing a "1" at 1 part of the master IP :s

    An admin might delete this thread... Sorry for bothering...

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 761

    No worries. Typos happen :-) I think it helps others consider double-checking what they typed. I make these kind of mistakes myself. A lot.


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