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  • coop
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    FYI, whenever a course version is released, a script is run which finds all URL's in the subject matter and tests them using "curl" and anything which is messed up is addressed. But as fcioanca says, the universe is not static :)

  • Typo in Chapter 2 - What is Kubernetes: the word kubernetes in greek is not κνβερνητης but κυβερνήτης so the 2nd letter should be υ instead of ν

  • Chapter 2 - Kubernetes architecture: In the 3rd paragraph it says you can write your own client and use curl commands. but it probably needs to be you can write your own client or use curl commands. as the former implies that you use curl commands when writing your own client.

  • chrispokorni
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    Hi @yiannis 2 ,
    You can write another client as a curl wrapper, similar to the kubectl client.


  • Thanks @chrispokorni for clarifying it. I'm sure you can, I just thought kubectl was using the https://github.com/kubernetes/client-go library rather than curl.

  • Chapter 3 - Using Hyperkube: replace apiserver,scheduler and controller-manager in the docker commands with kube-apiserver, kube-scheduler and kube-controller-manager respectively

  • Chapter 3 - Question 3.1: nodes instead of notes


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