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LFD259: Lab 7.12 error in yaml

NargiTNargiT Posts: 6
edited August 2019 in LFD259 Class Forum

When using LoadBalancer type, the nodePort not present thus the kubectl get svc shows the higher port 32000 but without the nodePort you get a random one

  - port: 80
    protocol: TCP
    nodePort: 32000 #<-- Missing line
    type: LoadBalancer #<-- Edit this line
    example: second


  • Hello,

    Yes, if you do not declare the nodePort you will get a random assignment. Perhaps I am misunderstanding. What is the error you are getting?


  • Hello,

    The nodePort attribute is missing in the code snippet with LoadBalancer.

  • Ahh. Now I understand. Thank you. I will look into this issue.

    Kind regards,

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