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Online Video Platforms

BananaBanana Posts: 1
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I was hoping someone could help me with a problem. I wanted to post some videos online of book reports. But the Terms of Service your mainstream platform providers are too restrictive. I'm not made of money. I was wondering if there might be some open source programs/applications that might enable me to start my own video platform online.

I can do anything I want with a Youtube channel, as long as I don't post anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Rick Logan


  • If I understand you correctly, you want to get your hands on video software that will enable you to stream videos online? 

    I have only used youtube for this particular purpose. youtube does allow you to copy and past an embedded url to a browser page for playback. I can't recall any restrictions set by youtube in addition to how big the video can be. If you can send me the link to that restriction I can look into it. 

    What mainstream OVP (online video platforms) did you research?

    From my research, I have read that there are lots of video hosting platforms available, most free of charge, that you can use to upload, distribute and manage video content posted online. Most of them are SaaS-based with a web-based interface for interaction. Some can be embedded in a browser where the browser acts as the video player. 

    There is a wikipage that explains what an OVP is, a list of available OVP and some guidelines to follow for picking the right one.



  • saqman2060saqman2060 Posts: 777
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    How do you prefer to operate your OVP?

    Are you trying to use a SaaS-based program or one you can embedded in a browser?

  • zakariyazakariya Posts: 7
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    How would you want to work your OVP? 

    It is safe to say that you are endeavoring to utilize a SaaS-based program or one you can installed in a program?

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