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How do I choose which distro I want to use for the labs? It defaults to Ubuntu and I want to use CentOS.




  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 920
    Hello Maurice,

    We do not have an option to choose a distribution per lab.

    The first set of labs is deploying DevStack on Ubuntu, which follows the default operating system used by OpenStack.org. The steps in our labs are similar to what one would see on other distributions, but there may be large differences. Our later labs deploy a CentOS distribution. Although not tested in our environment, you could start a later centos-based lab and follow the steps to deploy DevStack there.

    A nice feature of the labs is the ease of destroying and rebuilding the instances if there is an issue by using the "Start Over" button in case you run into issues.

    Tim Serewicz
  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 920
    Hello Nariman,

    Each session, or time you use the systems, has a limit of 24 hours. So if you open a window and started on a lab you could continue to work with it for 24 hours at which point the lab would shut down. You could open another, fresh lab, and start again at that point. The 24 hour limit is to avoid having a lab running, perhaps in a tab or minimized window, for the whole year using resources.

    You have access to the labs for a year. Any single attempt at a particular instance of the lab has a 24 hour limit.

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 920
    Glad to be of help. The CentOS labs follow the later chapter of the class, so you'll have a chance to deploy RDO on CentOS as well as Ubuntu. With two distros of OpenStack you can compare and contrast and see just how close they are.

    Tim Serewicz
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