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Portable Scanner

I'm looking for a portable scanner to use with my Asus EEE 1000.

I came across the below:


The box does not list it as working with Linux. However, one of the reviews (see below) said it did, as it scans as .JPEGs, which Linux can handle. It recognizes the scanner just like it would a camera. The enclosed software disc, however, won't work. But one can still download the .JPEG images:


(appears to be same scanner as above, packaged for Brookstone).

Is anyone familiar with this scanner? Had any good luck with it? Comments or other suggestions?

I'm looking for an ultra-portable scanner to using it on the road for work to scan paperwork. Size & weight are more important than extra features. One-at-a-time sheet-fed is OK. Sheet feeder not needed. Mostly for scanning B&W paperwork, not color photos. OCR & scanning to searchable PDF formats would be useful. AFAIK duplex scanning not a big need.



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