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Modifying restricted folders without terminal

Hello guys, I have Ubuntu 11.10 and installed Xampp for linux on it, but the Xampp installation requires that you extract it in the /opt folder, I am the administrator of the OS, but whenever I want to modify a content in the folder, it doesn't want to change, it's like I am just a user, but when I attempt to modify it with the terminal using sudo, it works just fine, but it takes time, and I really don't like to waste my time, so please, tell me a way to be able to modify the /opt folder without having to do it in the terminal. Thank you.


  • Nick,

    You can always log into whatever Desktop Environment you're using as root. However I believe it will just take time to extract the files period, unless you're talking about having to do something manually. It's probably not what you want to hear but the fastest solution is most likely using the shell.

  • Yeah, you are right MasenM, I figured it out. I just had to call the Geany text editor with sudo, like so:
    sudo geany
    then I would be able to save my files in any directory.
    Thanks for your reply.
    BTW: It looks like you are the only one replying to my posts, these forums aren't really that active, maybe I should try to find a better Linux forum.
  • Nick,

    Glad to hear you figured it out.

    It has been the holiday season and many people are busy or would rather not spend time responding to forum posts. Just give it time, many other contributors are here but busy right now I would assume.

  • Alright, thanks.
  • sudo <window_manager>

    will give you a new window, with root permissions
  • Not to be obnoxious but you're looking for sudo <file_manager> not <window_manager>. IE: sudo thunar as opposed to sudo xfce.

    Running your window manager again while already running it in an X session will just error out.

  • yes. It is supposed to be file manager.
    Thanks MM
  • Good question Nick. I am also looking for this info.
  • Willettwork,

    The solution for this is already set out above.

    Is there something specific you're having a problem with? You may want to start a new thread if so.


  • My point was that you answered a question I had. I will use that info the next time I have to move files to the /html folder. Thank you for the info.
  • Willettwork,

    My apologies, I read your post an entirely different way.

    I'm glad you found the info useful!

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