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Modifying restricted folders without terminal

Hello guys, I have Ubuntu 11.10 and installed Xampp for linux on it, but the Xampp installation requires that you extract it in the /opt folder, I am the administrator of the OS, but whenever I want to modify a content in the folder, it doesn't want to change, it's like I am just a user, but when I attempt to modify it with the terminal using sudo, it works just fine, but it takes time, and I really don't like to waste my time, so please, tell me a way to be able to modify the /opt folder without having to do it in the terminal. Thank you.


  • Yeah, you are right MasenM, I figured it out. I just had to call the Geany text editor with sudo, like so:
    sudo geany
    then I would be able to save my files in any directory.
    Thanks for your reply.
    BTW: It looks like you are the only one replying to my posts, these forums aren't really that active, maybe I should try to find a better Linux forum.
  • Alright, thanks.
  • sudo <window_manager>

    will give you a new window, with root permissions
  • yes. It is supposed to be file manager.
    Thanks MM
  • Good question Nick. I am also looking for this info.
  • My point was that you answered a question I had. I will use that info the next time I have to move files to the /html folder. Thank you for the info.


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