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Inconsistencies and errors in course

I wanted to point out that following the online course is quite hard due to many inconsistencies throughout the course. For instance the screenshots in the lectures are from an Ubuntu Openstack installation while students are advised to use vanilla devstack. This doesn't only concern the visual layout but the availability of menu items in general. For instance in 3.3.b the student is prompted to select an image from a dropdown but that dropdown isn't there unless you choose "Image" from the "Instance Boot Source".

Another example: In 3.3.c you can see a "Networking" tab you are prompted to click in 3.3.d. Unfortunately the tab isn't there when you install Devstack from github as advised.

Also, when you get logged out due to a timeout from the 360 website, it is not possible to log in again with your login/password (although you get presented a login form). You need to go back to the Linux Foundation site to get through the SSO login procedure.

Finally there are spurious errors such as not found css stylesheets:

HTTP Status 404 - /lms/css/css_search_net.css


  • serewicz
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    Thank you for the feedback.

    The Horizon dashboard BUI does look different depending on which distribution one is using, and the course is not meant to represent the only possible option. You could customize the look and feel to match a corporate color scheme, for example. The high degree of development in the whole OpenStack project will lead to mismatch of look and option from day to day. DevStack in particular changes so quickly that you may see a difference from one hour to the next. I have added a to-do work item to update the graphics to be a closer match to the lab environment.

    As far as the css stylesheets error, where did you encounter this error? Details to allow for reproduction would be helpful.
  • Thanks for your answer. I understand that OpenStack is a moving target and different development stacks look different. However if there complete menu items are missing, there's no way to follow the assignments. The same goes for the command line examples.

    For instance in 3.11 students are told to use the command

    nova volume-attach testvm testvolume1 /dev/vdb

    That doesn't work, however, because that command expects a UUID for the volume instead of a name. I guess there is some figuring out to be expected by a student, but what sense does the course make when students are supposed to figure out so much on their own.
  • The CSS error occurs sometimes when you get redirected from the LF website to 360training during the SSO login. So it's produced by the 360 site with this URL:
  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000
    I have verified the error with the nova volume-attach command. I believe this is a bug within the current version of DevStack software. I have opened a bug report concerning the current documentation, if it is the newest way the command should run. I am also updating the course to reflect the possibility of different command arguments.

    As for the CSS errors I will pass along the information as well.

    Thank you again for the feedback.


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