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PSI browser latency problems - Awfull experience - CKAD exam

I took the CKAD exam last monday May 16/2023 and yesterday May 20/2023 from Spain with a very good fiber service.

The experience with the exam was awfull both days with continuous latency problems on the PSI browser:

  • in the vim editor , problem to recognize esc and :
  • writing k run pod ... appearing 5 seconds after writing it
  • copy pastes puting odd characters inside vim even though i did :set paste before
  • any random key suddenly writting gggggggggggggggg or hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like crazy during lines and lines ... messing all the work I was doing in the VIM editor
    unresposive mouse clicks simply to scroll up & down on the k create ingress name -h options in the terminal

  • I did complain to proctors but they were just saying open a ticket on IT

  • All these ruined my exam, I failed

I took KillerShell both practices and the Katakoda free ones, several times, where there are no latency problems, the contents are accurate and the working experience is nice and you can have with a big screen monitor with your laptop. In fact KillerShell practices are harder, in terms of knowledge, than the real exam on PSI browser.

Come on, I am an experience IT guy used to work with remote shells, and It was imposible to complete the exam for me. I have worker with servers in South/North America even China behind the "Great Firewall" and the unseen latency experienced specially yesterday was ruining any changes to do a successful exam. I failed.

I do not care about CKAD my real goal is CKA but I am not going to take it meanwhile these latency problems with PSI browser are gone.

Please consider to have properly dimensioned infra in Europe for the PSI browser.

As mentioned before KillerShell and Katakoda are all fine, but the PSI browser sucks. Besides, many of us may be working from laptop, and not being able to have a decent big screen with the PSI Browser, makes the exam a battle against no proper technical conditions and not testing the K8S knowledge.


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