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LFS260 course updates / suggestions: only, no "complaining"


Created this thread after seeing other people complaining about the course needing to be updated. Maybe we can gather more specific details of what needs to be updated here for the Linux Foundation to be able to more effective update this.

I'll get it started:

  • Add titles of referenced documents so that we can either get a newer version of the document or correct any typo on the document number.


Lab 2.2

It refers to FIPS 201-2 which does not exist. I understand NIST updates their publications periodically so, adding the publication title would help us find a newer version if the specific version of the document is no more. FIPS 201-2 is not on the page, I am assuming this was FIPS 201-3: Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors.





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