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Why the hell are you torturing customers linux foundation+.+?!??! I have 7 certs,

All 0 problems. Used psi, they wouldn't verify my ID bcause it was blurry.

Ok so went to switch to laptop with the promise I could switch back to my desktop to take cka. Verified image, good!!

Went back to desktop... oh it's a new proctor!.!..!. What!? Repeat process 4 times each time a new proctor.

Why the hell do you do this to paying customers?! Get rid of psi!!! Dump them!!!

Couldn't even take the exam! I want a rebook!


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,644

    Hi @cmeach

    We are sorry to hear you experienced issues with the exam. If you have not done so already, please open a ticket with the Linux Foundation Customer Support team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org and they will assist with rescheduling at a later time.



  • same thing happened to me today. I opened a ticker with Linux Foundation. This is the second time I am trying to write CKAD. First time, there were issues with PSI browser and I opened a ticket, it got reset to 2 attempts. Tried to write again today, now they had an issue with my webcam. And I used the same webcam for the first time as well. It's quite frustrating. Different reasons. It doesn't make any sense.


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