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Changelog for new updates


Can someone please share why changelogs are not posted with each update? Thank you!

cc: @serewicz @fcioanca @chrispokorni


  • taepyongyang

    My guess is

    1. Major resource updates are too numerous as various moving parts exist. Especially, when updating to support the version of K8s that the examination will be based on.
    2. Minor updates are infrequent, but in the recent Nov release case, it was due to minor omissions and last-minute changes to upstream dependencies. Most of them seem temporal and the forum participants weighed in timely.

    I agree on the points where granular breakdown may help those that are midway through the labs to determine if a redo of certain sections is necessary, but I'm not yet convinced the changes so far (podman missing as part of deploy, local registry workarounds) would have affected anyone that was further along the course.

    Most of the subsequent labs assume the state of the cluster from labs prior and registered apps that existed from before so I'm guessing if you don't see an issue while proceeding, the changes may generally be insignificant. For all else, to come here for help. I found the group quite responsive.


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