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problem setting up the maven job in section 6

I have the following problems: I cannot get this job to work, because when configuring the maven tool, its not the same as in the video. It only gives me two options: default or giving a path to the tool (which I dont know)
job config

maven tool config

Jenkins version: 2.347
docker-desktop version: 4.12.0
laptop OS: Fedora workstation 36


  • hi @gouravshah @luisviveropena , could you please take a look at my question

  • Dont worry, I figured it out by my self

  • Hi @donquijotedelasnubes, how did you solve it?


  • I thought that this was the part that you should find the dropdown menus that were shown in the videos:

    instead of realizing that it was further below:

    Thanks anyway!!

    I just created a VM on digital ocean just to be able to configure the github webhooks, since I was doing all of the tasks on my local machine, and my home network has a router with only one public IP that is shared between all of the devices in my home network, and I have never been able to configure my home network so that my local machine is reachable from the outside :(


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