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Place for posting suggested corrections, improvements, etc?

leopastorsdg Posts: 14
edited June 2022 in LFS258 Class Forum

@serewicz and @chrispokorni

Is there a specific or more appropriate place for posting typos, suggestions, corrections, etc. for this course? Just a few things, courseware is really good, and when I find those small things that could be improved, I like to give my 2 cents for it!




  • oleksazhel
    oleksazhel Posts: 57

    I agree, there are a lot of outdated info or errors/typos/misprints and no place to report them. I was really going to leave it as my feedback in the end of the course, but this post seems to be good place either)

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    The Forum is the place to provide such feedback or suggestions that lead to content fixes.

  • leopastorsdg

    @fcioanca Thanks for your response.

    I asked because:
    1) I have seen several questions being referred to other places for different reasons;
    2) I did not want to clutter the site with collateral conversations, maybe lots of details, etc.;
    3) I submitted a related discussion days ago, it was supposed to be published after approval - and I do not see it, or received any communication about it (have seen others asking about non published articles).

    How long does a discussion take to appear (compared to questions, for which I understand are immediate)?

    Maybe I should just try to repost (discussion, question ?) and see if it works this turn?

    Thanks again for your time!

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935

    @leopastorsdg Usually discussions are posted instantly, unless the automated Spam filter detects something they consider suspicious. I have pushed your post live from the Spam folder.


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