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The understanding of the Ambassador container


I'm bitter confused about the following words in Exercise5.3.

In an earlier lab we added a second Ambassador container to handle logging. Now that we have learned about using ConfigMaps and attaching storage we will use configure our basic pod.

I picked the definition of Ambassador container from Design patterns for container-based distributed systems
Ambassador containers proxy communication to and from a main container.
it is the same as what I learned from the LFD259 e-book.

my question is we added a second Ambassador container should be changed to we added a second Sidecar container, right?


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    You are correct. It would be more proper to say sidecar. In reality all the names are worthless and cause confusion. There is no such setting as ambassador, sidecar, or adapter. This is a holdover from unfortunate documentation. Its a multi-container pod. What the other containers do varies.

    I will update the material. Thank you for pointing it out.



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