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Practice examine or advice on how to prepare for CHFD?

Hi all,
Happy new year! I am almost done with the course so I googled a bit to see if there is any practice examine for CHFD to get ready for it. To my surprise, there seems to be no practice examine at all online.

To make things challenging, I read somewhere on website that

Exam Details
This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based test that consists of a set of
performance-based tasks (problems) to be solved in a Web IDE and the command line.

So I am assuming one needs to become familiar of all the NodeJS codes from the Labs to have a chance of passing?

Is there anyone who passed the CHFD certification care to comment on how to prepare?



  • oliveruas
    oliveruas Posts: 3
    edited January 11

    Such a good question. I have finished the course and preparing for passing the exam. I am working on an own version of a network and an own smart contract. I think if your smart contract (chaincode) covers every (or almost every) lessons and you know what are you doing, you will pass.
    Edit: If this information is of your interest, I am a newbie (just one year learning) to both Node.js and Hyperledger Fabric (and also everything related with blockchain)

  • Bobbijn
    Bobbijn Posts: 94

    @sam777 @oliveruas, Great job on finishing the course and preparing for the exam. An additional resource can be found here:
    The Fabric maintainer keeps additional documentation available for review on this Wiki page. Please let us know your thoughts on the exam, Best of luck. Bobbi


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