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I was scheduled for CKA today. Proctor said he/she cant see my cam or desktop. It was almost like chatting to a chatbot. He/she just repeated to turn on share, which were already turned on and green on my console. Shared this, but all i was told was to turn them on. The responses were also slow. Not much assistance at all. Time lapsed, wasn't let in on the exam, and the entire access shut me out. Before all this, all instructions were adhered to and did all the computer checks, green ticks. They need to be before you can register for exam.

Now waiting for support to respond. Hopefully, this won't take too long. There's no email, no live chat, just a support ticket.

For those taking CKA, you may want to install Vivaldi browser, just as backup should chrome doesn't work on yours.


  • Vivaldi browser? Never heard of it, I'd try to use firefox as a backup personally.

  • I am taking CKA exam now and the proctor asked me to install Vivaldi browser. But the requirements for the test clearly say it has to be Chrome or Chromium: https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/lf-candidate-handbook/candidate-requirements

  • serewicz
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    Thank you for the feedback. As mentioned the handbook only mentions Chrome or Chromium. Also there is a tool to verify your system and browser is allowable. Did you use that tool to check?

    This page has the hardware compatibility check tool on it: https://docs.linuxfoundation.org/tc-docs/certification/lf-candidate-handbook/candidate-requirements


  • Hi,

    It seems that last minute Google Chrome and Chromium security updates may also adversely impact some features required by the exam environment. Depending on your OS and how it supports and handles such updates, this may result in incompatibilities with the exam environment's features.


  • jtoro
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    Scheduled CKA again yesterday. Use vilvadi on my mac. Had a pre-flight test with PSI, all working. On the day itself, clicked take exam link, it open a blank page. I had to put in PSI exam local url link to get connected to the exam console. For those taking CKA, just heads up if this helps.

    Lastly, thanks to Serewicz and Chris for the great learning content and guidance!! Kudos!

  • You are most welcome and congratulations on your CKA @jtoro!


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    I had a similar issue today where the Instructor could not see my screen and camera. Eventually i got it to a point with a second browser (Brave) where they could see one of the other, but never both


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