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Question/Problem in Sec 06. SETTING UP CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION WITH JENKINS/Configuring a Maven Build

Im throwing a pom error when I dont specify the correct pom path in setting up the worker-build project. Video instruction shows leaving pom.xml as Root POM. But job error states "ERROR: No such file /var/jenkins_home/workspace/worker-build/pom.xml"
Has anybody else had to work around this?


  • oh for God's sakes. Nevermind. I was using the wrong commands and drifted into the abyss looking at other online resources. Retract question.

  • Hi @mdwebber , I'm glad you were able to find the source of the issue and fix it :)


  • gobble gobble Luis, ty for your reply, of course Gourav answered my question 10 secs later in the instructional vid, and I was jumping way ahead, trying to solve problems that would never exist if I just follow Gourav, wait, and keep quiet...I have another question please. Do we integrate Jira/Jira Cards at all into Jenkins in this course?

  • Hi @mdwebber ,

    As far as I know, we don't see Jira here. The course is pretty large and the DevOps world is growing very fast, so it's pretty difficult to cover all the tools.



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