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Lab 12.1 purpose unclear

I'm working my way through lab exercise 12.1 and finding myself extremely confused about its purpose. For whatever reason, it's using a single pod containing 4 containers to demonstrate the effects of nodeSelector. There's also a line saying "Determine where the new containers have been deployed. They should be more evenly spread this time."

To the best of my understanding, given everything this and previous chapters have said, the containers will all be on the same node. But this lab exercise is doing a very good job of making me question that. It cannot demonstrate spread between nodes because there's only a single pod, but the multiple containers and wording implies the containers could be running on different nodes. Is there something I'm missing, or is this just confusing?

I understand that, likely because a bunch of system stuff is running on the cp node, the vip pod will likely run on the worker node once the selector is removed, but this isn't what the lab says is happening, and it's not really demonstrated by the exercise.


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