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Lab 5.1 - Configuring TLS Access

shunmugam379 Posts: 11
edited October 2021 in LFS258 Class Forum

Can i get any reference in the kubernetes.io page for this lab.


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    kubernetes.io/docs has a handy search function. Probably a good idea to become comfortable with using it, and seeing the possible responses, finding the correct answer you are looking for.


  • student@cp: ̃$ export client=$(grep client-cert $HOME/.kube/config |cut -d" " -f 6)
    student@cp: ̃$ export key=$(grep client-key-data $HOME/.kube/config |cut -d " " -f 6)
    student@cp: ̃$ export auth=$(grep certificate-authority-data $HOME/.kube/config |cut -d " " -f 6)

    student@cp: ̃$ curl --cert ./client.pem --key ./client-key.pem --cacert ./ca.pem \https://k8scp:6443/api/v1/pods

    I didn't find these methods in the kubernetes.io website. Thank you for your support

  • Hi @shunmugam379,

    There is a typo in the curl command. The backslash is not needed in front of the URL.



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