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kubectl alpha - Basic Troubleshooting Flow: Pods

looqmaan Posts: 4
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I am going through the section: "Basic Troubleshooting Flow: Pods" in 08. Application Troubleshooting. I got the following message when I try to run the command: kubectl alpha debug -h

No alpha commands are available in this version of kubectl

I wasn't aware that we need to use Kubernetes v1.22.* for this class. It seems that kubectl alpha commands are only available in v1.22.*.

My cluster version is:

student@master:~$ kubectl get node
NAME     STATUS   ROLES                  AGE   VERSION
cp       Ready    control-plane,master   57d   v1.21.1
worker   Ready    <none>                 57d   v1.21.1

Please advise. Thanks.



  • chrispokorni

    Hi @looqmaan,

    The Kubernetes API continuously evolves and receives new features initially released in alpha level of support. In every Kubernetes release there will be some features in alpha, but in time they mature from alpha, to beta, and then finally stable levels of support.

    Based on the documentation of Kubernetes v1.21 (the current version of the course) the syntax of debug is kubectl debug ...


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    If you read the text in the section it states that you will get an error if you don't enable the EphemeralContainers=True.

    It is in v1.21, you have to enable it.


  • looqmaan

    Thanks for the replies, @chrispokorni, and @serewicz.

    I have figured it out. The debug option is no longer in alpha, and I no longer get that warning message when I simply call: kubectl debug -h.

    student@master:~$ kubectl debug -h
    Debug cluster resources using interactive debugging containers.
     'debug' provides automation for common debugging tasks for cluster objects identified by resource and name. Pods will
    be used by default if no resource is specified.


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