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Is there any ongoing plan to update the 10. HELM lesson?

The "10. HELM" lesson is quite outdated since Helm 2 and the stable chart repo was deprecated. Not only there are several commands that don't work out of the box, but also there are some sections/slides which have no sense right now.


  • Hi @carlosrh92,

    Are you following the latest lab release? There are two helm repositories added to access the applications presented.


  • Yes, the lab is updated, but the instructions/examples in the course itself are not updated, for example:

    $ helm repo add testing http://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-charts-testing
    Error: looks like "http://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-charts-testing" is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: failed to fetch http://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-charts-testing/index.yaml : 404 Not Found

    In the same way, there are a lot of mentions to Helm v2, tiller, or even https://github.com/helm/charts that is not supported/maintained anymore

  • serewicz
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    Thanks for the information. I'm glad that you found the lab exercise works. I'll be updating the chapter content soon.



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