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hello all! I'm using aws for the labs. Do you folks stop the instances as you move on to each new chapter before restarting them for new lab or just leave them alone? II'm about 1/3 way through the course, it hasn't cost much, but would like to hear anyone's suggestions. Many thanks!


  • serewicz
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    I have found some hiccups when I shut down the instances. If new to both Linux and Kubernetes it may be better for learning to keep them running. The issue tends to be tied to ephemeral IPs used by VMs. The IP is used by all services and the TLS cert for cluster traffic. If that changes its not easy to get the cluster back up.

    If you set the VM IP, and are willing to do some troubleshooting you can shut down the nodes.


  • jtoro
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    thanks for sharing @serewicz!

  • chrispokorni
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    Hi @jtoro,

    I have seen issues in the past with AWS EC2 instances when shut down and restarted - the cluster would have trouble starting up. However, I have not seen the same issues with GCE instances - the clusters work fine across VM restarts.


  • jtoro
    jtoro Posts: 6

    Thanks @chrispokorni! Guess I've to hurry up w all the labs...

  • can somebody provide a rough breakdown what elements (VM instances, VPC , traffic) etc cost?

    GCP does at present show a 254 USD (from original 300 USD balance) with their much to much interface (only in billing) it does not really do a good job even giving only a suggesiton where the 46USD was spent on and why...

    let us be frank is GCP a billing trap for hipsters company to overspend on cloud?
    it would make sense to me...


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