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[command-details] page duplicated

In chapter 'command-details', pages 12 and 13 seem to have the same content


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,864

    This has been corrected. Thank you for bringing this up.

  • You're welcome
    Maybe another one: in chapter 'commits' p.1, the link index is strange

  • In chapter 'managing-local-and-remote-repositories', in the labs a few : are missing after the addresses

  • In lab 40.2, I had to type git clone ssh:// The daemon runs with the --base-path=/tmp option and locally it works without /tmp/my-... but over ssh, it still takes the /tmp prefix

    On the remote, the git protocol doesn't take the column: git clone git:// /tmp/my-remote-git-repo works on another workstation whereas it doesn't work locally.
    But git clone git:// /tmp/my-remote-git-repo works locally and not on the remote workstation

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    In the commit chapter, the link "index" should just be the word index, you are correct. We will fix

    On the missing ":" I haven't got an idea of what you mean

    The git daemon set up is tempermental from distro to distro and version to version

  • About the colon, locally both commands git clone git:// /tmp/my-remote-git-repo-2 and git clone git:// /tmp/my-remote-git-repo-2 work (with or without the colon after the ip address)
    But on the remote workstation, the git protocol takes no colon after the ip address
    And the ssh protocol takes a colon plus the port 22
    (You already told me that you can't deal with Arch, but for information: the apache directory is /srv/http, the links don't work there, and it takes the http protocol by default)
    If the git daemon varies a little bit each time, there's nothing surprising then

  • In chapter 'advanced-git-interfaces-gerrit' p. 3, the phrase "Reviewers one the ones who submit work to the upstream layer" seems strange. Maybe it's "push"?


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