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I am working on going through the material, and there's some references in various sections to PodSecurityPolicies. This is all deprecated in the latest version of Kubernetes, and I am not really sure what to expect to be prepared for during the exam -- is PSP still in scope?



  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,208

    Hi @jmlogan,

    Details on PSP deprecation timeline can be found in the documentation here and here, while the certification exam curriculum updates can be found here.


  • jmlogan
    jmlogan Posts: 2

    Unfortunately that doesn't really answer the question -- PSP is in the deprecation process, but the curriculum still references it, even for the 1.21 version. Does this mean that we're expected to learn significant components that are EOL?

    The curriculum is very vague in this area -- it says things like "ex. PSP, OPA, ..." -- even though in my opinion you would do PSP OR OPA. There's a lot of ways to accomplish the same controls, and not really clear what path will be expected during the exam.

  • fcioanca
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    Hi @jmlogan ,

    Please direct any exam-related questions to the Customer Support Team at trainingsupport.linuxfoundation.org.


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