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Updated lab guide for 1.21


I started my prep work back when docker was used as a Container Runtime. Of late containerd appears to be used. I see CRI instructions in the Lab updated in February. Should we expect a newer lab for kubernetes version 1.21?

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  • prama01886
    prama01886 Posts: 17

    My main worry was accessing resources outside of Kubernetes.IO - I did manage to find documentation on kubernetes site and install CRI-O 1.20, install kubeadm/kubelet/kubectl and later upgrade to 1.21. A few caveats though - Kubernetes documentation asks you to set two environment variables OS and VERSION - when I used VERSION=1.20 I had no difficulty but when I used VERSION=1.20:1.20.0 CRI-O install was failing.

    I was able to install with containerd as well. Pretty much ignored docker when I started seeing errors with 1.21 version.

  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    The updated 1.21 lab is being being built for the online tool and will be released soon.


  • prama01886
    prama01886 Posts: 17

    Thank you. I can see the differences in the lab guide 1.21. The newer guide helps.


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