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Lab 7.6 is Falco SSL cert required? and does it works with default k8s aduit rules ?

Since by default the SSL disabled do we really need to generate SSL CERT?
i am trying to follow the Lab 7.5 instruction, until step 12 everything is ok, local events are processed but latter when we create aduit webhook , events are posted to falco webserver. but k8s aduit events are ignored by default falco rule. any idea why it is?


  • pbalajiipspbalajiips Posts: 2

    its Working .i misconfigured the API endpoint. but still i am wondering the SSL CERT is mandatory ?

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 899


    I'm unsure of your question, SSL CERT mandatory for what? I suppose it depends on which features one would plan on using, now or in the future.


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