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Sanity Check on Lab 3.1-10


Hi All,

So I am using Virtualbox with bridge connection and it gives me an IP address range that Calico.yaml uses. I've updated the calico.yaml and kubeadm-config.yaml to use as value and podsubnet.
I am hoping someone can make me rest easy that this won't cause me issues later on.
Thanks in advance.


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    It may be easier to configure VirtualBox to configure a different IP address, but if if you did properly change Calico and the kubeadm-config.yaml file to use the new IP it should work. As with many things in a dynamic, open source project testing is the only way to know as there may be some new or lesser known setting which may at some point conflict.


  • kingveder

    Hey, your the guy in the videos :D:D

    Thanks though Tim I took this option in the end to reduce any issues.
    Appreciate the response.

  • snorkelbuckle

    Hi kingveder,

    I ran into similar problem with VirtualBox. I opted for a slightly more complex setup but ultimately made things easier since I don't have to customize anything. I created a group of k8s vms and attached their NICs to "Internal Network" which allows me to use any IP address scheme but then these are completely isolated from the host and the rest of the world. To solve that, I created a VM running Endian's community firewall https://www.endian.com/community/ which is bridged to the network and also attached to the same Internal Network as the k8s VMs and this allows me to access the VMs from SSH, etc and they can access the internet as well.

  • kingveder

    Cheers snorkelbuckle I will check it out.
    I have just been adding a second adapter when I need net access

  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,208

    Hi @kingveder,

    I have been provisioning VirtualBox VMs for Kubernetes clusters with a single bridged network adapter attached to each machine, supporting the Kubernetes required VM to VM networking and the VM to internet connectivity.



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