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Missing logic in lab 8.4


Lab 8.4 works without a flaw, no doubt. Up to step 13, no question. But then: a file of 300Mi is created in NFS. Why? It is not counted against the deployment. Is that all there is? Perhaps I expected too much.
From step 21 onwards I find it is getting a bit messy. I am missing the logic in the steps. There is no explanation in the steps. Also, what is the use of step 27; what quota relates to the pod?
There is no lab with respect to the number of pvs's as stated in the first line "We will use theResourceQuotaobject to both limit the total consumption as well as the number of persistent volume claims.". Correct?


  • serewicz
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    In step 13 you created a file, which Kubernetes does not keep count towards quota usage at all. This shows that this is not a "Linux filesystem" quota, but rather one for objects created inside of Kubernetes. This whole section is to illustrate what the Kubernetes quota does and does not count towards quota usage. As well we then create the volume and note that the quota shows usage, even thought there is not a pod using the volume. If our policy is to retain the volume it continues to be counted against our quota. We then explore the differences in Reclaim Policy we can use in our pods.


  • RonaldHeirbaut

    Ok Tim, thanks for the clarification.


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