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Hello everyone !

Nice to meet you all :)

I am Dimitri Travailloux from France in Europe.

I really glad to follow this course. I manage a team with 5 persons. We are working on Sql Server, Datawarehouse, reporting, Alfresco. I am an old developer (45 years old) but I always code (C#, PHP, Java, perl, C...) and since few months I use node.js for build web applications and portals (with sql server) at work. I have a hobby project, a solo adventure rpg. I make it with node.js/express/webpack/Nw.js (have a look here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fxWkzuN-AUpXSG3bGgdvhKSEeSHWCt-0/view)

I am a little afraid to pass this certification because it's a first time for me to do an exam like it.

Special thanks to David Mark Clements for the work he has done here.

Have a nice day :)


  • andrit

    Hello all :smile:
    My name is Andrew Ritter. I have been working on the web for awhile now; using the *AMP stacks and lately front end engineering with React/Angular/Ember and some API work with Node and AWS.
    Nice to meet you all

  • davidmarkclements

    hey @dtravailloux and @andrit - nice to meet you both, good luck with the training and exam!

  • nimeshkumar

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a Javascript & Node js newb. I have purchased the JSNAD exam with the course as this is the only way i can make myself focus on learning the language. I am excited to learn new things and become a better Engineer. I am a little clueless too about where to begin to begin so i spent the bestter part of my day today to figure out a plan for my JSNAD certification. I hope to meet you all ahead in my jounery and on the other side of being a certified Node Js developer

  • vivmagarwal

    Hello Every one!! Nice to meet you all!!
    more about me : https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivmagarwal/

  • danieltkach

    Hello everyone. I'm truly honored to be here. My name's Daniel, I'm 39, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been coding as a hobby since I was 10, but I had never done any web programming before, it was only pascal, Borland Delphi, and C# for desktop. For the last 6 months I've been taken a very intensive bootcamp, 12+hours per day, I passed all exams and projects just a few days ago, having learned for the first time HTML/CSS, Javascript, React with Redux, Node.js, SQL and MongoDB.
    Enrolling in this course means so much for me, and I have no idea what challenge I'm setting up myself for, but this is how one grows, right? Hence as the two gentlemen above, I'm a little scared.
    Hoping to meet great people here, I'm so excited and looking forward to this journey. Your help an guidance is appreciated,

  • klowder
    klowder Posts: 3

    My name is Kaleb Lowder. I'm very happy to work alongside each of you; I'm 25 years old and I've been programming for the better part of eight years. I've worked on several projects involving Python, Java script, C#, as well as SQL, PHP and LAMP stack servers. My goal with this course is to expand my knowledge of application design, receive certification, and implement my new knowledge into my job.

    Every day I find myself humbled that I have so much more to learn, but I am striving to educate myself and my goal is to be in a senior role in the next five years.

  • davidmarkclements

    hey everyone - good luck!


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