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Self Introduction


Hello everyone!

Nice to meet you all!
Thanks for being here.

I am Andrew Miller, from America (Alaska).

I really want to meet up with some other students remotely and run through some of the course content together in a cloud IDE.

please contact me with a message, FaceTime, imessage 1-907-590-0529 if you want to study together. Also You can contact me at Andrew.patrick.miller.personal@gmail.com

I am eager to complete the course work, and begin training in an exam like environment. I have been studying JS aggressively full-time for 6 months and have a pretty good handle on it from some other courses I've taken, which also emphasize fundamentals. I am planning on taking the exam within the next 30 days. I think I will be ready by then.

Special thanks to David Mark Clements for the work he has done here.

Have a happy day everyone!


  • omeco4christ

    Hello everyone
    I am Ome Chukwuemeka from Nigeria.
    I am looking for someone I can study together with on this course.
    Send me an email at omeco4christ@gmail.com or call me on +2348064515245 (WhatsApp)


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