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New student

Hello All, my name is Nordin. I'm from Spain and I'm starting the LFS201. Very excited but also a bit scared as my only experience with Linux is the Foundation course on this same org. Looking forward to meeting you and interact around here.


  • Hi Nordin, welcome!

    If you have any issue with the labs, and/or questions, feel free to ask here.

    Many regards,

  • Hello, My name is David I started the courses in July. Just wanted to introduce myself.

  • Hi @dctheroux , welcome! Are you taking the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp?


  • Hello Everyone, I am just getting started with Linux, have enrolled for the LFS201, have a query how do we access the labs?
    I have installed oracle vm with centos , i see some resources mentioned in initial course pages. Any pointers would be appreciated

  • coopcoop Posts: 691

    The labs are fully included inline with the course material. The introductory chapter also explains how to download the "SOLUTIONS" tarball which also includes some material such as a few programs in C (which are also included in the text) and a "RESOURCES" tarball which includes some iso images used in the Virtualization chapter. So please review the information in the beginning again.

    As far as using Oracle as your system, it should work, but we do not test on Oracle as it is merely a thinly disguised copy of RHEL and CentOS. Whatever the course says about those distributions will probably be what you need. But we do not officially support Oracle for any of our courses.

  • Hi guys. I just enrolled in the Cloud Engineer Bootcamp. I'm super excited. I have been trying to raise funds to enrol and finally got through. Got some experience with Linux, Docker, AWS and Azure. So i'll be glad to connect with anyone who's on the Cloud Engineer bootcamp. Thanks. Ola

  • Hi Ola, welcome aboard! Are you aware of the Office Hours? You'll be pretty welcome if you can join.


  • Hi frds
    i am yarif frm chicago. i started LFS201 course.
    lets learn together.

  • Hello @NordinZaidi I am Melvyn from the USA. Good luck with the class! I am an every day Linux user for 10 years and I am also scared about this class, looks like alot of information!

    Un saludo cordial.

    P.S. I lived in Málaga for a short while and loved it. Don't know where you're from, or what you think about Andalucía, but for me it is heaven on earth.

  • vando24vando24 Posts: 4

    Hello everyone, my question is should i install the server or desktop version of the OS i want to use? Thanks

  • coopcoop Posts: 691

    desktop. That's how it was developed and the main audience will be on desktop/workstation. Students running server versions, like on Ubuntu, sometimes get surprising deficiencies in terms of missing packages, different configuration etc, and lack of some basic tools for development etc.

  • vando24vando24 Posts: 4

    Hey Coop, thanks for your response. Linux Foundation platform selection for LFCS and it is showing CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04. So my question is what version I would need to practice with? CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOS8 or Ubuntu 20.4 ?

  • coopcoop Posts: 691

    Right now the exams are on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04. I know that they will be moving to CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 rather soon. Personally I think CentOS 7 tooling is too old but I'm a developer. I think the diffs between Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 will be less, so I would rather do C8 or U 20.04 just so I'm better future prepared, or if I was going to do the exam soon Ubuntu 18.04. (soon like next month or two) The courses themselves are all designed to handle all 4 of these versions just fine (and are tested to do so.)

  • vando24vando24 Posts: 4

    I'm planning on taking the exam mid year , would it make sense to practice on CentOS 8 and UB.20.4? When registering for the exam, do you know if it will show C8 & U 20.4?


  • coopcoop Posts: 691

    i am sure you will select the platform when you register; please see the FAQs on the registration website. As far as choice if you mean Q3 by "mid-summer" I would definitely go Ubuntu 20.04 or Centos-8-stream (Centos 8 is EOL in December)

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