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Mastering the Linux for a complete newbie in Linux

Hi All, this question is from a complete Linux noob here. I am at the end of LFS101x from edx and about to start my LFS201. The problem I am facing is, I keep on forgetting the Shell commands. I am always doing practice with the readings form Edx, however, it's not in my memory after 2/3 days. Anyone has faced this situation before. Please could anyone share their way of mastering the Linux? In my office, I use Windows for my day to day work and there is no chance of using Linux for the same.

I have another question here, what all other resources( Any good books/online reference source/good YT videos/blogs) you guys are following other than our LF resources.

I will be waiting for your input/suggestion/guidance.

Thanks for your time reading this.


  • serewicz
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    Learning the commands is similar to learning a new language. The more you use the words, the better chance you remember them. In my opinion the best way is to use the command line and search man pages for commands as necessary. It will be slow and a hassle, but is probably the best way to retain the knowledge. I would not worry about arguments and options, those change enough it's better to look up anyway.

    When I am learning a new interface or computer language I start with lots of index cards. I write out the basic command on one side, and add common usage on the other side. I use them as flash cards at first, running through them over and over. After I feel like I have it down those flash cards become reference as I try to work with the language. Each time I look up a command using the flash card I put a check mark in the upper corner. If I ever find myself looking at the same card three or four times I will set it aside, as its something I need that I can't remember. For every hundred cards I'd say 95 i end up remembering due to ongoing use. The other five I study and work one.

    Keep using the command line and I think it will get easier for you.


  • Thank you very much @serewicz for your complete detailed reply. It'll help me a lot. I am going to include this flashcard method in my preparation. Also could you please point at some good books/online resources to follow for LFCS, other than these LF materials.

  • serewicz
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    The best way to practice is to time yourself completing tasks. Most people don't practice doing tasks quickly and often run out of time. How you practice is how you'll perform.

    I'd visit the FAQ FAQ and look under How can I prepare and study for the exam. You'll find some practice questions as well as download the Certification Preparation Guide. Read through the practice questions so you get a general idea what kind of practical knowledge you'll need.

    Inside the Guide you'll see a list of bullet points for "Domains & Competencies". If it were me I would print out the bullet points and under each I would write out the steps to complete each item. Then I would practice each item over and over until I didn't have to look anything up (another good place for index cards), and I was able to troubleshoot my own typos. When you are in a hurry for the exam I make typos. Better to practice in a stressful environment so you are used to it during the actual exam.

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks a lot, @serewicz. You have shown me the way of going forward by sharing your own personal experience. Indeed it will be very helpful.


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