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Chapter 11. Continuous Automated Testing - Build Breaker Plugin

I'm not sure if others are running into the same issue, but I had some problems installing the sonar build breaker plugin (in the 'Adding Build Breaker Plugin, Improving Code Quality' section. Below are the steps that worked for me. Maybe it helps someone else.

  1. Launch sonarqube container as root:
docker exec -it -u root sonarqube bash
  1. run update command
[email protected]:/opt/sonarqube# apt update
  1. install wget
[email protected]:/opt/sonarqube# apt install wget
  1. cd into directory /extensions/plugin

  2. download newer version of breaker plugin

[email protected]:/opt/sonarqube/extensions/plugins# wget -c https://github.com/adnovum/sonar-build-breaker/releases/download/2.3.0/sonar-build-breaker-plugin-
  1. exit from container
[email protected]:/opt/sonarqube/extensions/plugins# exit
  1. restart sonarqube container
[email protected]:/# docker restart sonarqube


  • Hi @visdan ,

    This failed because you didn't find the path on the Github repo in the video, right? So you went to the project on Github and downloaded it from there?


  • visdanvisdan Posts: 6

    @luisviveropena yes that's correct. I also had to install wget in the container (something the instructor may had done already, but perhaps wasn't in the lab).

  • Hi @visdan , ok, thanks for confirming what's the issue, in fact I was able to reproduce it. I'm going to inform of it to the course maintainer.

    I think the wget installation is a very simple step and basic tool, so I won't count this as an issue.

    Many regards,

  • Thanks @visadan for notifying along with instructions that worked for you. Much appreciated. Thank @luis for pitching in.

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