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build my own debian system

i am a beginner trying to put together a iso of debian. I allways heard that was the cherry on top of linux. to my surprise I can not find any info on doing this. All my research ends up at netinstall. I do not want to install another linux at this time. I do want to download the files needed to do what i call a base install. just the files needed to boot my laptop and run basic commands. then i will add what want and learn as i go. Will anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction? please


  • gnwiii
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    @texasdave001 said:
    just the files needed to boot my laptop and run basic commands

    Focus on learning to walk before attempting to run.

    As a beginner, you will do better to use a minimalist virtual machine install to partition and format a (virtual) disk, configure the bootloader, load drivers for your hardware, and provide a text console. These are things that aren't easy for experienced users, so you need reach better than average familiarity with the Debian Reference document and The Debian Administrator's Handbook as well as low level vendor-dependent details of your hardware platform. Bootable linux ISO's are the result of efforts by a large community, and include people who have access to specialized development systems that allow them to debug boot failures.

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    Have you noticed that this thread was made 2 years ago?

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    Yes -- saw a complaint elsewhere (someone wanting a minimal headless system to run one Java application) that it didn't have an answer. I assume they found it with some web search. It would be nice to have a way to remove questions that haven't been answered in over a year.


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