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I think Bootcamp is great but I hope E-Learning Content provide more insight like detail of K8s

Hello everyone here I'm really glad that I had opportunity in enrolling Advance Cloud Engineer Boot Camp that tailor and design by wonderful instructor of CNCF/ Linux Foundation 😀
I found that CONTAINERS FUNDAMENTALS (LFS253) provide really good knowledge more about how container really works by comparing each runtime engine runc, cri-o, kata container, etc
That is really enlightment me to understand how "Docker/ Container are works" not just copy and pasting command because if I understand CNI/ OCI it means I can extend my knowledge beyond vanila Container that vendors are provided(not just stick in using Docker anymore but can moving forward to use Podmans and_** understand why I should use it by have fundamental knowledge about Container Technology).**_

However some course like KUBERNETES FUNDAMENTALS (LFS258) in my totally humble opinion that I start to learn about Kubernetes for couple months I think Kubernetes Funatmentals course is more likely for Developer who start to use Kubernetes to deploy thier application(yes including myself) but I really had alot in expectation in passing Certified Kubernetes Adminstrator Exam

Nevertheless I just don't want to passing CKA exam only but I_** hope I can gain deeply know how each component of Kubernetes are working_ like you are mention in Project Borg that created by Google I already read their paper (it really awesome!) it maybe I'm too much worries about exams but I had seen the Kubernetes Hardway of Kelseyhightower labs in Github that really cool because it start everything from scratch so I really hope that when I enroll in _Advance Cloud Engineer Boot Camp**_ I will understand more about theory and design behind Kubernetes Architecture like how CoreDNS and Etcd are working why they using it ?

So I'm just hope Kubernetes Fundamental Course adding more content like design and theory behind each Kubernetes component.
That would be really awesome and perfect to prepare CKA exams with confident (currently I'm watching CNCF webinar/ conference about SIG Network hoping some content like that add to E-Learning Materials to provide picture/ illustrated graphic insight knowledge about Kuberntes Architecture)

Thank you very much for your hard work in create wonderful Boot Camp !


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    The Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258) is about the fundamentals of Kubernetes. We do cover the architecture. Also, starting a cluster, understanding the working relationship of objects, configuring the cluster for applications to run, troubleshooting, and setting up high availability.

    The course speaks about containers designed to be decoupled transient microservices, both for deployed applications as well as the Kubernetes software itself. The course covers the topics to make you competent to properly install, configure and operate a Kubernetes cluster. As a collection of services you can choose to deploy in your own way, the details would be entirely dependent on how you choose to configure your environment and the demands of the end user. This is not a single vendor product provided to be deployed in a singular manner. Think about legos vs a model airplane.

    Kubernetes is a massive dynamic project. You mentioned one SIG. To gain in-depth knowledge I would track each of the 90+ SIGs, ongoing project release notes, and become familiar with reading the source code as it changes daily. To fully understand I would also suggest following the graduated, incubating, and sandbox projects of CNCF.

    I applaud someone who wants to know everything about everything, and wish you well.



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