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LFS 258 Calico


hello TIM.

some issue when i'm trying to apply calico.

kubernetes@master-node:~$ kubectl apply -f calico.yaml
Unable to connect to the server: dial tcp connect: no route to host

sometimes everything works perfectly and sometimes nothing works.

thanks for you help


  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    From the output it looks like its trying to use as the IP for your master node. If you look back the master should be k8smaster instead as configured in /etc/hosts. As you have missed a step or two you may want to go back and make sure there weren't other mistakes.

    Also the 192.168. network may overlap with the Calico IP pool range. I would change one or the other to something else. Perhaps use 10.x.y.z range for the VM.



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