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Lab 12.1 step 2 - apiserver logs are different


sudo find / -name "apiserverlog" returns the following:

find: ‘/proc/29459’: No such file or directory

diff command outputs many lines and if a follow the links I can see the two logs are sim linked to different logs:

kube-apiserver-ip-10-0-0-141_kube-system_kube-apiserver-04ef7a4464bd416ba0065ec4d4dd442a058ed830d24301984bfccd37f5775a13.log -> /var/log/pods/kube-system_kube-apiserver-ip-10-0-0-141_620d3159a4a05643158ed5b4ef425d0c/kube-apiserver/37.log

kube-apiserver-ip-10-0-0-141_kube-system_kube-apiserver-46bed2a82becfd0a67a8ecc0f6a43d6a3f600cae2521be4aae4d1e61a9c7f644.log -> /var/log/pods/kube-system_kube-apiserver-ip-10-0-0-141_620d3159a4a05643158ed5b4ef425d0c/kube-apiserver/38.log

Am I doing something wrong?



  • serewicz
    serewicz Posts: 1,000


    A couple of things. It looks like the command you ran is not quite like what is in the book. It helps to troubleshoot to see the actual command and the output, in case some characters didn't get copied over.

    I have just run the command on a new cluster and can only find one log. As in one reference to the log at all. So there may be some other change in the kube-apiserver docker image. We use freshly downloaded images instead of a canned demo, so one should expect some changes to occur from day to day. This could be one of them.

    I will investigate more and update the step if it appears the image has changed. At this point if you can find the log file you have gotten the important part of the step.


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,177

    HI @promagnoli,

    Aside from a few characters missing from the command, as pointed out by @serewicz, there are some clear differences, but they seem to be related to the cloud provider's host naming convention.


  • promagnoli

    @serewicz @chrispokorni thanks for clarifying, appreciate your support


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