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What IP address should I use in ssh -i LFS458.pem [email protected]

Hi! Cannot get past this step in section 3.1: ssh -i LFS458.pem [email protected] I created public key, but I don't understand what IP address should I use,, where do I get it from? This is the command I'm using: ssh -i /home/triinu/.ssh/voti [email protected] and it keeps hanging..


  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 820


    It is very helpful to read the entire lab. Not just the command. For example, if you were to read step 1 you may note: "The IP used in the example will be different than the one you will use."

    If you were to read the Overview of the lab you would note there are several options to setup your exercise environment. There is also a video of how to use GCE, the service the labs are primarily tested on.


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